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Kiran Science Numericals Physics and Chemistry

Khan GS Research Centre has launched a book for the preparation of Railway Group D, NTPC, ALP, JE on 25 November 2020. The book has 2300+ Objective Questions in the Hindi language.

This book is published by “Kiran Science Numericals Physics and Chemistry” officially. and officially author of this book is Khan Sir Patana.

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Book Name: Kiran Science Numericals Physics and Chemistry
Author: Khan Sir Patna
Genre: Exam Preparation
Publisher: Kiran Institute of Career Excellence Pvt Ltd
Release Date: 25 November 2020
Language: Hindi

Syllabus covered in the book

  1. Unit, vector, and Motion Chapter
  2. Work, Energy, and Power
  3. Gravitation
  4. Floatation, Archimedes principle, and Elasticity
  5. Simple pendulum and restoring force
  6. Wave motion and sound
  7. Heat
  8. Light and mirror
  9. Electricity and Magnetism
  10. Nature of Matter
  11. Molecular and Atomic mass
  12. Atomic Structure
  13. The Behavior of Gases
  14. Chemical bond
  15. Periodic Classification
  16. Metals and metallurgy
  17. Combustion and fuel
  18. Carbon
  19. Oxygen and sulfur
  20. Organic Chemistry

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In this post, you know about khan sir book that launched on 25 November 2020, The book is being sold on Amazon you can buy this book by following this. – Link to buy this book, you can also Download Official app of Khan sir.

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